Our Services

At Poul Haas, we understand no two clients are the same. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create plans to achieve their unique policy goals. Below please find a list of the services our team offers:


Monitoring legislation that may impact clients as it is introduced and reporting relevant bill progress to the client as it makes its way through the legislative process. Tracking press conferences, legislative activities, and other public actions that could impact a bill’s progress. As the legislation evolves there is always the option to shift a contract from monitoring to lobbying should the need arise.


Legislative lobbying includes drafting legislation, securing authors and co-authors, working with the Revisor’s Office on “jacketing” measures to introduce a bill, and securing committee hearings and meetings with key members. Key activities also include lobbying committees, conference committees, and the House and Senate Chambers of the legislature, Governor’s Office, and providing thorough and trusted vote counts.


Assisting clients build and maintain relationships with key leaders in state and local government to help clients achieve their contract and relationship goals.

Stakeholder Engagement.

Identifying partners and relevant stakeholders to facilitate productive conversations and advantageous partnerships. Ability to convene meetings to gain support for legislative goals and secure things like letters of support or opposition, joint calls to action, and other important grass root or grass top activities.

Political Consulting.

Helping clients strategize how best to engage in the political process including identifying partners, building key relationships, and advising on political action committee (PAC) establishment and involvement.

Association Management.

At Poul Haas, we ensure our association partners have the infrastructure and management support they need to successfully fulfill their missions. Providing clients with association support including, but not limited to, planning board and committee meetings, preparing meeting agendas and minutes, sharing relevant and timely updates on legislative activity, conference planning, and securing guest speakers if needed. Learn more about our association management work here.

Our Achievements

The Poul Haas team has been active partners and provided strategic leadership to help pass some of the state’s most complex, controversial, and monumental pieces of legislation. We have successfully worked to enact legislation authorizing multiple sports arenas and their funding, marriage equality, criminal justice, health care, and worker’s compensation reform. We are proud of not only the large-scale initiatives, but also the smaller scale yet critical needs of our clients, including our work to represent one pro-bono client each legislative session to give back to the community and expand our knowledge base.

While we don’t like to brag, please find a list of some of our client and team’s accomplishments:

Health and Human Services/Healthcare:

  • Lead the effort to ensure important policy changes were enacted for competency of those with mental illness on behalf of a client which resulted in the passage of a bill that invested historic funding in mental health services across Minnesota.  
  • Successfully spearheaded the effort to add mandated coverage for Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcus (PANDAS/PANS) to health insurance coverage offered in Minnesota.
  • Passed legislation on behalf of a client to authorize the use of bio-similar prescription drugs where appropriate. 
  • Secured funding to assist with education and awareness related to end-of-life decisions between patients, family members, and healthcare providers.
  • Passed a bill that created a timeline for provider credentialing to ensure that qualified health care providers are not prevented from practicing medicine due to unnecessary administrative delays.

Capital Investment/Bonding:

  • Partnered with several clients to secure almost $20 million in funding to expand local community centers.
  • Leveraged the relationships at the city, county, state, and federal level to secure full funding for a complete redesign/build of the last major interchange on one of the most widely used state highways in Minnesota.
  • Assisted client in securing major funding to establish a landmark heritage and cultural center.
  • Successfully navigated both local and state agencies to provide funding for the restoration of a downtown building to establish a Center for the Arts Theater troupe.
  • Coordinated the legal and fiscal agency requirements to build and maintain a lake level spillway and drainage system, protecting lakeshore and residential properties.
  • Successfully secured substantial funding to stabilize and prevent riverbank erosion along a major waterway used for commercial river barge traffic.
  • Secured all necessary funding to reconstruct a section of a major Trunk Highway as well as the accompanying street interchange improvements, bike trail connections, and walking paths for a key suburban community.


  • Represented an education company with Minnesota Department of Education to address online instruction issues and secured agency changes and passed supplemental policy change legislation.
  • Represented multiple education clients to secure passage of legislation beneficial to them in the areas of charter schools, assessment, and teacher licensure.
  • Represented multiple education clients to secure historic funding and policy reform in the literacy area and worked with the Department of Education to successfully implement those changes.

Public Safety/Judiciary/Civil Law:

  • Worked on behalf of a client to engage stakeholders and pass legislation to address major changes in judicial and administrative forfeiture. 
  • Led the effort to negotiate and pass major drug sentencing reform legislation and expungement expansion.
  • Assisted clients with passing a salary market-adjustment increase for state law enforcement officers, and funding to enhance prosecutor and law enforcement training.
  • Secured statewide policy reform and funding for probation service delivery in Minnesota. 
  • Partnered with client and stakeholders to secure funding to provide annual judicial pension stability resources and improved judicial and law clerk compensation.
  • Represented a client to authorize a new Capital Fund to allow for technology and communication improvements for local law enforcement, fire, and emergency management personnel.
  • Passed legislation to clarify indemnification requirements for design professionals.

Constitutional Amendments:

  • Led the successful effort to pass a statutory framework to allow marriage equality following the unsuccessful constitutional amendment to define marriage as solely between a man and woman.
  • Partnered with a client to advance a constitutional amendment for a quality education for all Minnesota children.

Sports Arena Funding:

  • Assisted the legislative team to authorize and fund a new baseball stadium for the Minnesota Twins.
  • Represented the City of Saint Paul in their successful bid to build CHS Field for the Saint Paul Saints. 
  • Represented the City of Saint Paul in their successful bid to build Allianz Field for the Minnesota United Soccer Team.


  • Represented multiple cities in obtaining state support and local financing authority for transportation infrastructure projects. 
  • Secured ongoing funding to expand micro transit in Minnesota’s suburban communities.


  • Represented multiple cities at the state legislature to obtain authorization for Tax Increment Financing for economic development and housing projects.
  • Prevented adverse tax legislation from affecting a local reliever airport client.
  • Represented multiple counties in securing critical sales tax exemption for transit projects.

Economic Development:

  • Represented a suburban city to successfully secure funding and Tax Increment Financing Authority for a local bridge project.


  • Secured important but controversial changes to a product filing that ultimately received Department of Commerce approval on behalf of an insurance client. 
  • Represented an insurance client in working with the Department of Commerce to gain agency approval and then pass a legislative initiative making insurance policy changes.

State and Local Government:

Worked on behalf of multiple cities to advocate and successfully repeal the local government salary cap.


Helped a client authorize expanded voter education through a Secretary of State’s Voter Taskforce.

Climate, Energy, and Natural Resources Achievements:

Passed a bill to allow the Department of Natural Resources to issue permits to a municipality to construct and operate a new municipal water supply.

State Agency Engagement:

  • Reversed a negative implication for a key insurance client by negotiating with the Department of Commerce to secure changes to a Commerce Department Bulletin.
  • Represented private entities to resolve complex tax policy issues with the Department of Revenue.

Pro Bono Work:

Secured dedicated funding and fostered strong legislative relationships for Reach Out and Read Minnesota, a non-profit organization that brings the power of sharing stories and reading into pediatric visits.

Minnesota State Capitol rotunda